ECO-WORTHY Solar Panel Cable Pv Type Red wire 50 Ft – Mc4 Extension- 10awg – 600/1000vdc – Sunlight Resistant

Can also be installed


lIn electrical installation pipes

lOn,inside,and under plaster

lIn electrical installation ducts

lIn equipment

UL listed solar cables with MC4, anti-UV

1.Extend the solar panel to different component of the

solar system:

used between PV arrays,PV stirings, directly from

Junciton box.

for solar panel to solar charge contolllers

for solar panel to Grid tie inverters

for solar battery to the off grid power inverters

2.Extend modules with different distance:

10ft 20ft 30ft 40ft 80ft 100ft 200ft

extend it from your RV roof to the car battery

from the outdoor shower roon to your cabin

3.Connect the solar panel outlet( male and female from the junction box)

to different solar modules, so you can get the desired the

voltage orcurrent for your solar system

4.Can also be installed


Indoor or outdoor

In electr