AspectSolar EnergyBar 250 High Capacity SunSocket Energy Bar 250 Watts per Hour, Lithium Battery Pack with AC/DC/USB Outputs, Charges via AC, DC or Solar, Metal, Yellow/Gray

This AspectSolar SunSocket EnergyBar 250 solar charger is a lightweight, portable charger for small to medium electronic devices. It provides up to 25 hours of power for smart phones, 3-4 hours for a laptop, and up to 10 hours for LED televisions. It has a solar charge, a DC input for charging or daisy-chaining, and it can also charge with an AC adapter (not included). It has four USB outlets, a DC socket, and an AC universal output for charging multiple devices. The lithium iron phosphate battery pack has a minimal self-discharge of 0-2% per month for a charge lasting up to a year. This solar charger has a neoprene carrying case for resistance to weather and is suitable for use with mobile devices, CPAP machines, video game consoles, DVD players, and laptop computers, among others.SpecificationsBattery typeLithium iron phosphateBattery capacity12.8 V 20 amp/hr, 250 watt/hrCharge timeSolar: 7-13 hrs
AC adapter: 5 hrs
DC adapter: 5-6 hrsOutputsUSB (4): 5V, 2 amp
12 VDC socke