Power Pack

micro_solar– Micro solar systems – consisting of only one or two solar panels and micro-inverter. Micro-inverter plugs directly into the nearest outlet of housing and feeding energy to your consumers. It is imperative AC power. Distribution network. Suitable for roofs and balconies of buildings to reduce electricity bills.

off-grid– Autonomous solar systems (off-grid) – in addition to solar panels and they have autonomous inverter and battery unit, which store the produced energy from photovoltaic panels. Thus energy can be used regardless of the presence of sunlight. Suitable mostly for areas without power or achieving energy independence.

grid– Networking solar systems (grid connected) – consist of a minimum of 10 panels (up to unlimited) and inverters, which are certified for connection in parallel to the grid. I.e. these systems are small plants. They do not store energy produced and passing it directly to the network and / or to the nearest consumers. Placed on roofs of residential, industrial, commercial and office buildings to cover part of the consumption and / or sale of electricity.